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All miniatures  are not suitable for children under 14 years old.

 Bessie's Holidays : 15/9/2018 - 25/9/2018

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Whether the person who visits or is a member to the ""(or "website" thereafter) should constitute the agreement between this party and Bessie Crafts Company. As for those parties with registered address and / or delivery address in Overseas countries or outside Hong Kong; who are interested in purchasing merchandise (as for those parties with registered address and /or delivery address in Hong Kong, please refer to the Chinese version of the "Terms and Conditions") from Bessie Crafts Company by using this website should study, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions before placing their orders.

Membership Registration:

Parties who are interested in using our website for making their purchases by the online shop module of this website should be required to accurately provide their name and address information through the module of registration in this website.

The use of the information provided will be only for delivery, communication, payment and refund (if any) purposes.

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Members interested in making purchase via the online shop in this website will be guided accordingly with the help of the systems of on line shopping. Please act in accordance with the instructions, alerts and advices provided by the system.

Those members who wish to make their purchase with this website should be aware of the following :

  • There is an amount of not less than HK$200.00 of the merchandise excluding shipping and handling costs for each transaction to be made.
  • No payment is required during shopping.
  • Customers can choose either air-mail or surface mail provided by the Hongkong Post.  Postage can be checked on
  • After the customer has submitted their shopping list, we will take reasonable time to check if sufficient inventory is available for the order. We will contact our customer by email to confirm the stock availability, the total value of the shipment, which will also include the value of the ordered merchandise, the shipping and handling charge (handling charge will be < 5% of ordered amount).
  • Customers have to pay the total amount, which includes the value of the merchandises, shipping and handling costs before the parcel is sent. Payment can be made by credit cards or other methods as agreed beforehand within 3 days upon receipt of payment notice. We will inform the customer the date of their shipment being sent out by email. 
  • We are not responsible for any loss once the order is sent to the post office. 
  • Customers are requested to pay on or before the date of payment or their orders will be cancelled automatically.
  • Customers will be responsible to pay for an additional charge of HK$280.00 if  they choose bank payment method by TT in overseas.
  • Orders can only be changed once within 3 days from ordering.
  • Orders cannot be changed or cancelled once they have been confirmed.
  • Orders will be sent to customers within 7 working days when the receipt of payment is confirmed by pay-pal or bank.
  • Miniatures sold are not suitable for children under 14.
  • Description and pictures of the merchandise including their shapes, sizes and / or colors are for reference only.
  • Prices, Terms and Conditions are subjected to change without prior notice.

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